LEDO is a strategic planning, development and operations advisor and partner with extensive experience in conceiving, planning, developing, delivering and operating leisure, theme park, resorts and entertainment destinations and attractions, at all levels of complexity worldwide. These destinations include Resorts, Mixed-use & Retail Projects Development, Theme Parks, Water Parks, Hotels, Zoos, Museums, Family Entertainment Centers, and Visitor Centers.

We are experienced in initiating, defining and validating concepts, completing feasibility studies, business plans, representing the owner/developer during the creative and development process and providing the critical operations and business input to assure the integrity of innovative and entertaining destination experiences. We also provide critical evaluations and analyses for investors and lenders to identify and validate concepts, site locations and investment parameters for viable projects. We will assist owners/developers in assembling and managing qualified project teams.

The diverse backgrounds of our team, coupled with our extensive international development and operations experience, makes LEDO one of the premier theme park, leisure, resort, mixed-use project development and entertainment destinations consultants in the world.

There are very few consultants within the Theme Park, Leisure and Themed Entertainment, and Resort destination industry who offer hands-on, "from the ground up" experience, with firsthand knowledge of and involvement in project development, opening and operations, bringing the end user mindset to every project, as well as a very credible source of confidence and continuity for all activities and services related to the development and operations of Theme Park, Leisure, Resort,  and Themed Entertainment destinations and attractions.

The LEDO approach to providing its services allows our clients to customize their service needs to their unique project, or we can support the full project lifecycle, from “start to finish”, so to speak. Whether complex or small, being a strategic advisor or partner throughout the Theme Park, Leisure, Mixed-use project development or Resort development process, or simply providing a feasibility analysis or business plan for validating the project and/or plans, LEDO is dedicated to providing the highest quality advisory, consulting, development and management services in the Theme Park,  Mixed-use project development, Leisure, Resort and Themed Entertainment industry. We provide added value, not just experience and scope for our clients through a highly disciplined business and guest satisfaction driven approach.

Our Principals and Our Clients