Bringing Vision to Life
Concept Planning and Development For any leisure and/or entertainment project to realize its full potential, there must first be a vision . . . the idea. . . a mental picture of the future. This picture creates the enthusiasm for the project and commitment towards successfully executing this vision. This vision also becomes the foundation for the business philosophies and plans that will guide all actions of the organizations involved with the project.

LEDO focuses its concept planning and development services on:  
  • Formalizing and defining the vision as a concept
  • Shaping the content
  • Identifying the criteria that establish the priorities for the project
  • Evaluating the site or sites
  • Completing a preliminary evaluation of the market
  • Facilitating concept charrettes and workshops
  • Validating the design, operational and economic parameters
  • Establishing the creative direction and the economic goals and constraints
  • This step guards against building on a concept that is not economically sustainable.

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