Assuring Integrity and Guest Satisfaction
At the same time that the physical facilities are being designed, the development of the operating plans, procedures and systems should be initiated to assist the designers and architects in efficiently completing their work. The operating philosophies, policies and standards to be developed by the operator, greatly influence the design. Simultaneously, the operating entity that will manage the facilities after opening should begin to take shape.

LEDO assists with and guides the development of the operating standards and plans incorporating administrative policies, support systems and equipment, collateral material, operating times and guidelines and business management plans for all aspects of the operation. These are included the following services:  
  • Project Milestones & Key Activities Implementation and Management
  • Operations Design Criteria Input
  • Detailed Equipment Specifications and Sourcing
  • Operational Design Reviews
  • Operating Strategies, Management Systems and Procedures
  • Branding Strategy
  • Pre-opening Operations Management Implementation
  • Operating Budgets
  • Pre-Opening Sales and Marketing Plans
  • Sponsorship Plans and Program
  • Organization Planning, Staffing and Training
  • Grand Opening

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