Thor Degelmann, founding principal, has over 40 years of experience in planning, developing, opening and operating themed leisure entertainment destinations and resort projects and brings exceptional international experience in people management, administration, resort and theme park operations and project development to our clients. During his career with the Walt Disney Company, it is fair to say that he helped shape the theme park industry by virtue of key leadership positions held on major, international projects, including Walt Disney World, Tokyo Disneyland, and the Disneyland Paris Resort, France. Most of his career has been spent in start-up or expanding organization environments. He has managed projects and organizations in international, multi-cultural environments and developed the manpower and organization master plan for a project that grew from less than 10 to 17,000 employees in just 5 years.

Thor is also a seasoned operations and human resources expert who has developed and implemented operating plans for resort destinations, theme parks, museums, and other leisure attractions. He has extensive experience in operations master planning, including capacities studies, attractions evaluations, design specifications and establishment of operations design criteria. His expertise extends to operational program development, operational input and planning to concept development, component selection, viability analysis and operational policies and procedures development, as well as human resources management, including organization and workforce master plans, corporate culture and training and development.

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