Protecting the Owner's Interests
Program Management A Program Manager, or Owner's Representative, as it is also called, represents and protects the owner's interests while directing and guiding the project to a successful on-time, on-budget completion. Our Program Management services involve providing our extensive knowledge and experience in developing, opening and operating leisure destination, resorts and theme parks for the purpose of strategically planning and guiding the Project through a successful opening. We will provide our experienced perspective to assist the owner in making timely and appropriate business decisions affecting the credibility and economic viability of the project.

The LEDO Project Team provides the foundation for the very dynamic development and construction process. We are uniquely qualified because of our strong operations foundation and, through our understanding of the entire process, we can assure that the design and construction is operationally functional and that all disciplines deliver their products in a timely, accurate manner. We know what the final product must look like and how it must function to be successful.

Included in the Program Management Services are the following:
  • Project Budgets & Schedule
  • Project Steering Committee
  • Project Control, Tracking & Communications
  • Cost Estimating and Value Engineering
  • Vendor/Manufacturer Identification and Selection
  • Vendor/Manufacturer Quality Control
  • Design/Construction/Installation Integration
  • Project Installation Coordination

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    Master Plan Concept Development | Design Management | Program Management |
    Operational Planning | Operations Management | Operating Assessments